Popularity of Coloured Paper Bags in 2023: Consumer Preferences

As sustainability becomes a growing concern, eco-friendly paper bags have surged in popularity. Among these, certain colours have emerged as favorites in 2023. This article examines the most popular coloured paper bags of the year, exploring the possible reasons behind their popularity and delving into why some colours didn’t fare as well.

Let’s take a look at the stats…

Coloured Paper Bag Sales 2023

Top Bag Colours of 2023

Firstly, lets take a look at the most popular packaging colours for 2023.

Black Premium Italian Paper Carrier Bags (Ranking: 1 – 25.3%)

Black paper bags led the sales with a significant margin, capturing over a quarter of the market share.

Reasons for popularity:

Versatility: Black is a versatile colour that complements various styles and occasions.

Elegance: It is often associated with sophistication and luxury, making it a popular choice for high-end brands.

Branding: Black provides a strong contrast for logos and designs, enhancing brand visibility.

This colour’s versatility and association with luxury and sophistication we believe made it the top choice.

Magenta Premium Italian Paper Carrier Bags (Ranking: 2 – 11.9%)

Magenta emerged as the second favourite, due to its vibrant and eye-catching nature.

Reasons for Popularity:

Vibrancy: Magenta stands out with its bright, eye-catching hue, making it appealing for fashion-forward consumers.

Unique Appeal: It offers a unique alternative to more traditional colours, appealing to brands looking to differentiate themselves.

Its popularity could be attributed to the fashion and design trends in 2023 favouring bold colours.

Dark Blue Premium Italian Paper Carrier Bags (Ranking: 3 -11.5%)

Dark Blue was the third most popular, appreciated for its classic and professional look.

Reasons for Popularity:

Professionalism: Dark blue exudes a sense of professionalism, making it a favorite among corporate clients.

Calmness: This colour is associated with calmness and reliability, appealing to a wide audience.

This colour choice is suitable for both casual and formal settings, increasing its demand.

Mid-Tier Performers of 2023

Next, the mid tier performers included Cherry Red at 7.3%, popular for its vibrant and festive look, especially around holidays and special occasions. Stone took up 7.2% of the total sales, providing a subtle and elegant option, appealing to minimalist aesthetics. Ocean Blue’s calming and soothing hue made it a favoured choice among consumers, with 5.3% of total sales. Lastly, Yellow at 4.5%, associated with cheerfulness and positivity, found moderate popularity.

Least Popular Bag Colours of 2023

Now, let’s take a look at some of the least favoured colours.

Ivory Premium Italian Paper Carrier Bags (Ranking 13 – 1.3%)

Ivory was seen to be the least popular colour for 2023, with only 1.3% of the total sales.

Reasons for Low Popularity:

Perceived Plainness: Ivory might be perceived as too plain or less distinctive compared to more vibrant colours.

Dirt Visibility: Lighter colours like ivory can show dirt and stains more easily, which may deter some consumers.

Chocolate Brown Premium Italian Paper Carrier Bags (Ranking 12 – 2.1%)

Second to last, was Chocolate Brown, which could be due to its muted hue.

Reasons for Low Popularity:

Old-fashioned Perception: Brown can be seen as outdated or less modern compared to trendier colours.

Less Attention-Grabbing: This colour doesn’t stand out as much as brighter or more unique colours.

Burnt Red Premium Italian Paper Carrier Bags (Ranking 11 – 2.7%)

With only 2.7%, Burnt Red was also among the least popular colours.

Reasons for Low Popularity:

Changing Consumer Preferences: Consumers preferred more vibrant and versatile colours like Black, Magenta, and Dark Blue, finding Burnt Red less trendy and appealing.

Branding and Market Positioning: Brands favoured colours that conveyed luxury, modernity, or eco-friendliness, which Burnt Red did not align with, resulting in lower demand.

Economic and Practical Considerations: Burnt Red was seen as less versatile and adaptable compared to neutral colours, affecting its appeal.

To conclude, the data from 2023 highlights a clear preference for bold (Magenta), versatile, and professional colours like black, and dark blue in paper carrier bags. These colours not only enhance brand visibility but also cater to consumer preferences for stylish and reliable options. Meanwhile, subdued and less trendy colours like Burnt Red, Chocolate Brown, and Ivory saw lower demand. By understanding these trends, businesses can make informed decisions about their packaging strategies for coloured paper bags, ensuring they align with current consumer desires and stand out in a competitive market.

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