Interview Blog: HSBC Sustainability Roadshow Recap

On 05 June 2024, our Commercial Business Development Manager, Simon Manchett, and Commercial Sales Manager, Joel Ogus, attended the HSBC Sustainability Roadshow at the HSBC Tower in Canary Wharf. Our Marketing Team spoke with Simon to get his thoughts on the event.

What was the event all about?

Simon: This networking event, hosted by HSBC, invited select customers to learn about the bank’s sustainability efforts and discuss our sustainable practices and offerings with other businesses.

What were you hoping to achieve, and did you succeed?

Simon: We aimed to showcase our packaging range and network with potential customers. It wasn’t just about packaging but understanding sustainability from different companies’ perspectives. We found it valuable to discuss our practices and hear from others about theirs, which was beneficial from both a networking and sales standpoint.

What key takeaways did you get from the show?

Simon: While sustainability is crucial, cost remains a major factor in business decisions. The demand for environmentally friendly solutions, like solar panels and wind energy, is growing across industrial and local scales. Hearing HSBC’s perspective on post-COVID trends and economic conditions was enlightening. The goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2030 is challenging, but a stronger economy could help more businesses meet this target.

Anything else that you wanted to share about the event?

Simon: The event was a small, focused networking session, which was more effective than larger events. Attendees found our insights into market trends and our packaging solutions—from plastic to paper—valuable. The shift in demand towards more sustainable packaging is noticeable, and it’s crucial for us to stay ahead in this market.

What sort of products did you showcase?

Simon: We displayed popular items like brown and white kraft paper bags with twisted or flat handles, and boutique bags without lamination. These products are recyclable or made from recycled materials. We also showcased cotton and jute tote bags, emphasising their reusability. Additionally, we presented paper mailing bags and ecommerce boxes, catering to both in-store and online packaging needs.

About HSBC’s Sustainability Strategy

HSBC knows its UK customers need help with new growth opportunities that are eco-friendly. They provide money and resources to support this, partnering with customers and climate innovators. HSBC finances some high-emission industries but has a plan to cut these emissions. They’re committed to aiding UK businesses and achieving a global net-zero economy. You can learn more about their climate strategy on their website.

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