10 Bags for Shopaholics

Shop Till you Drop!

According to Wikipedia the term shopaholic means “a person considered to be addicted to shopping”.  Does that ring any bells for you?  If so, we’ve rounded up our favourite bags for all the shopaholic out there!

1. I must resist Tote Bag

I often find myself going through this thought process when I'm shopping. As I am aware of marketing strategies and their aims, I try to see past the want they are trying to create. Most of the things I chose to spend my money on like clothes, make up ect. I don't need. My life will not be hugely affected if I chose to buy them but I start to imagine what it would be like to own these items and this is what ultimately makes me buy them.:

By Old English Company  https://oldenglishprints.com/products/shopaholic-tote-bag?variant=973352332


2. Im not addicted Shopping Bag

Image result for shopaholic bag

By Zazzle  https://www.zazzle.co.uk/shopaholic_bag-149472034687469468


3. On the Road to Recovery Tote Bag.

Shopaholic by TheBestStore

By Red Bubble



4. Too Busy Spending Tote Bag

Gold Foil 'Too Busy Spending' Shopper Tote Bag

By Sweet Love Press



5. Need, Want Shopping Bag

'Need… Want… Such A Fine Line' Marble Tote Bag

By Lola and Gilbert London Ltd



6. I don’t like being a Shopaholic Bag

I Don't Like Being A Shopaholic...I Love It! Tote Shopping Gym Beach Bag 42cm x38cm, 10 litres

By Little Hippo Clothing



7. Just Let Me Shop Tote Bag

Shopping Tote Bag - Canvas Tote Bag - Printed Tote Bag - Market Bag - Cotton Tote Bag - Large Canvas Tote - Funny Quote Bag -Gift For Her

By My Bebe Cadum



8. Broke Shopping Bag!


Fix Husband Broke Tote Bag

By Cafe Press  http://www.cafepress.co.uk/+fix_husband_broke_tote_bag,1422014627


9. Cheaper than Therapy Shopping Tote

Shopping is cheaper than therapy - canvas tote shopping bag - shoulder bag - beach tote - canvas tote bag - Market Bag

By Bridge End Print



10. Do Not Disturb Shopping Bag

Cotton tote bag / Shopping bag - Quote Tote - Do not disturb; shopping in progress

By Quotes and Notes



Happy Shopping!!


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