The Rise of Rustic Charm: Brown Vs. White Twisted Handle Carrier Bags (2020-2023)

In the ever-evolving world of retail, packaging choices can significantly influence consumer behaviour and brand perception. The preference for brown versus white twisted handle carrier bags has seen some interesting shifts over the past four years at Carrier Bag Shop. Analysing the revenue trends from 2020 to 2023 reveals significant insights into consumer preferences and market dynamics. Here’s a detailed look at how these two types of bags have performed:

Year-by-Year Analysis

Twisted Handle Carrier Bag comparison
2020: The Start of the Trend
  • Brown Bags: 65.83%
  • White Bags: 34.17%

In 2020, brown bags dominated the market with nearly two-thirds of the total revenue. Their eco-friendly appeal and cost-effectiveness made them a popular choice. Meanwhile, white bags held a smaller share, appealing to brands that preferred a cleaner and more sophisticated look.

2021: Growth and Stability
  • Brown Bags: 62.98%
  • White Bags: 37.02%

The trend continued in 2021 with brown bags maintaining their lead, though the gap narrowed slightly. The revenue for brown bags saw a substantial increase, reflecting a growing preference for sustainable packaging. White bags also saw significant growth, indicating their continued relevance in the market.

2022: A Slight Shift
  • Brown Bags: 59.63%
  • White Bags: 40.37%

In 2022, the revenue share for brown bags decreased marginally to just under 60%. This shift suggests a gradual balancing act between the two types of bags. White bags increased their market share, likely driven by their appeal in high-end and luxury retail sectors.

2023: Continued Convergence
  • Brown Bags: 56.01%
  • White Bags: 43.99%

The trend of convergence continued into 2023, with the revenue split between brown and white bags approaching a more balanced state. Brown bags still held the majority, but the narrowing gap highlights the growing acceptance of white bags across various retail sectors.

Insights and Implications

The data from 2020 to 2023 indicates a clear trend towards a more balanced preference between brown and white twisted handle carrier bags. While brown bags started with a commanding lead, their share has gradually decreased, reflecting a shift in consumer preferences and market strategies.

Key Factors Influencing These Trends:

Eco-Friendly Perception

Brown bags are often perceived as more environmentally friendly. The natural brown color gives off a rustic, recycled aesthetic, appealing to the eco-conscious consumer. This perception aligns with the increasing global emphasis on sustainability and environmentally responsible choices.


While both types of bags serve the same functional purpose, white bags tend to be slightly more expensive. The cost difference, although minimal, can add up for businesses making bulk purchases. Choosing brown bags helps companies save money while still providing quality packaging.

Aesthetic Appeal

White bags, with their clean and premium look, continue to be favored by high-end brands. The increasing revenue share of white bags suggests that more businesses are opting for this sophisticated packaging option. The earthy tone of brown bags on the other hand offers a versatile and appealing look that fits well with a variety of branding themes. Whether it’s for a high-end boutique or a local farmers’ market, brown bags complement the natural and organic aesthetic many brands strive for.

Market Trends and Consumer Preferences

There is a growing trend towards minimilistic and natural-looking packaging. Consumers today are more inclined towards products that appear organic and unprocessed. Brown bags perfectly embody this trend, making them the preferred choice for many shoppers

Market Dynamics

The narrowing gap between brown and white bags indicates a maturing market where both types of bags have established their niches. Businesses are increasingly diversifying their packaging choices to cater to varied consumer preferences.

Despite the dominance of brown bags, white twisted handle carrier bags still hold a significant market share. Their clean, crisp appearance is ideal for businesses looking to convey a sense of purity, sophistication, and modernity. High-end retailers and luxury brands often prefer white bags to align with their premium image.


The analysis of revenue trends from 2020 to 2023 shows a fascinating evolution in the market for twisted handle carrier bags. While brown bags remain the preferred choice, the growing share of white bags highlights a shift towards more diverse packaging strategies. As the market continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how these trends develop and what new preferences emerge among consumers.

The preference for brown twisted handle carrier bags in 2023 highlights a broader shift towards sustainability and natural aesthetics in consumer behavior. With brown bags making up 56% of sales, it’s clear that the rustic, eco-friendly aesthetic they offer resonates strongly with today’s shoppers. As environmental awareness continues to grow, we can expect this trend to persist, shaping the future of retail packaging in the years to come.

By understanding these preferences and the underlying reasons, businesses can make more informed decisions about their packaging choices, ultimately enhancing their brand appeal and meeting the evolving expectations of their customers.

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