Screen printing on paper bags – Does it peel off?

Let’s get into a topic that’s been on the minds of many when it comes to printed paper bags. Does screen print peel off? We get it, you’re invested in quality, and we’re here to answer this mystery for you.

Screen printing on paper bags is a popular method for adding custom designs, logos, and artwork to packaging. However, one common concern among businesses and consumers is whether screen printing on can lead to peeling or flaking of the printed design.

The art of screen printing

When it comes to crafting those eye-catching designs on paper bags, screen printing takes the spotlight. Screen printing (also known as silk screening, silk screen printing or serigraphy) involves pressing ink through a stencil onto the surface. Only one colour is printed at a time, but this type of printing can be used for multi-coloured designs. The ink can be manually pressed, but many commerical printers set up the process using industrial machines. This enables printing in bulk.

This style of printing allows for precise and vibrant prints. This makes it a preferred choice for customising paper bags with intricate designs and bold colors.

Durability matters

You might wonder, Will the print last? The durability of screen-printed designs on paper bags depends on several factors, including:

Quality of Materials: The quality of the paper bags and screen printing materials used can significantly impact the longevity of the design. Using high-quality paper bags with a smooth surface and durable ink designed for paper substrates can help prevent peeling or flaking.

Proper Preparation: Adequate preparation of the paper bag surface is essential for ensuring proper adhesion of the ink. Surface contaminants such as dust, oil, or moisture can hinder adhesion. Proper cleaning and priming of the paper bag surface before printing can help promote adhesion and improve durability.

Curing Process: Proper curing of the ink is crucial for ensuring the durability of screen-printed designs on paper bags. Curing involves drying and setting the ink onto the paper bag surface through heat or UV exposure. Insufficient curing time or temperature can lead to inadequate adhesion and premature peeling of the design.

Handling and Care: How the paper bags are handled and cared for after printing also affects their durability. Rough handling, exposure to moisture or extreme temperatures, and abrasive contact with other surfaces can cause the design to peel or deteriorate over time.

Peeling concerns – addressed

While concerns about peeling or flaking are valid, proper preparation, quality materials, and careful handling can help mitigate these risks. By partnering with experienced and reputable printing professionals, businesses can ensure that their screen printed paper bags are produced to the highest standards of quality and durability. With proper care and attention, screen printed designs on paper bags can maintain their integrity and vibrancy, providing a lasting impression for customers and enhancing brand visibility.

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The screen print on your paper bag is here to stay. With the right blend of artistry, materials, and care, your printed paper bag becomes a loyal companion on your daily adventures. Carrier Bag Shop, specialises in printed packaging. Just get in touch with our print team to get a quote and turn your vision into a reality. As well as printed bags, we provide bespoke printing solutions for ribbon, tissue paper, mailing bags and boxes.

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