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‘Imagination is the secret ingredient to this company, and originality it’s key.’ – Elkie Theaker, founder

We share the journey of ColeyCoco Candles and how Carrier Bag Shop helped with their packaging needs. A big thank you to Elkie Theaker the founder, who shared her story.

‘ColeyCoco began its journey in the year 2014. Initially, I started the production of natural bath and beauty products, primarily to be able to step away from a concerning artificially chemically formulated beauty market without having to sacrifice my own love of skin care. And also as a hobby that would essentially release my mind from the 9-5 grind I was accustomed to at the time.

Within a year’s time, my work and products had attracted a social media following and I began selling my products locally. I moved on to incorporating candles into my range. This move proved to be a positive step and within a short period I found I was able to quit my 13 year long 9-5 job and took on ColeyCoco as a full-time business.

The products we sell today are now mainly focused in the candle and home fragrance department.

ColeyCoco Candles: ‘Pornstar Martini’

I think what sets our products apart from other candle company’s is due to the fact that they are of a unique character. My designs were intended to inspire people’s minds to think and feel creatively. Imagination is thus the Secret Ingredient to this company, and Originality it’s Key.

All our products to this day are hand poured and hand crafted in Sheffield in the UK. We also now have our own retail store in the major UK shopping centre: Meadowhall.’

How Carrier Bag Shop helped ColeyCoco Candles

‘One of our major obstacles in the past was our packaging methods and requirements. Due to the intricate and somewhat ‘oddly shaped’ products we manufacture, finding the best possible packaging solution to suit the bulk of our products needs, without sacrificing the pleasing aesthetics of the products themselves, proved difficult. And after much trial and error we finally came across Carrier Bag Shop in 2017. They listened to our needs and came up with a perfect ‘one size fits all’ packaging solution, that not only doesn’t deflect from the quality of the product itself, but rather enhances it perfectly. The boutique gift bags have proven to be a great addition for ColeyCoco and have enhanced our selling potential dramatically, particularly on the ‘face to face’ retail front, due to their aesthetically pleasing ‘finishing touch’ appeal.

Laura, Joel and Savannah have been great company reps to work with, and I can’t thank them enough for all their hard work and dedication to their clients. And I would highly recommend Carrier Bag Shop to any private business for all their packaging needs.

My words of wisdom for anyone looking to set up their own business would be…

“There is a huge difference between making a living, and making a life ~ Go where the Imagination takes you, and let the living of it fall into place.”

You can find ColeyCoco Candles products on Etsy.

Facebook: @ColeyCoco
Instagram: @ColeyCoco1

The ColeyCoco Candles retail store can be found here:

ColeyCoco Candles UK Ltd
Meadowhall Shopping Centre
The Lanes, Oasis Dining Quarter
S9 1EP

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