How To Christmas-ify Your Packaging

Seasonal packaging can add a relatable touch to any product that you offer, but it can seem like a lot of extra work for just a couple of days or weeks. However, customers tend to gravitate towards seasonal packaging and it has become a novel marketing tool. Almost every brand uses seasonal packaging now. If your company doesn’t use it, then you may be at a disadvantage in terms of marketing.

Since seasonal packaging can make a huge impact on the purchase decisions of customers, we’re going to cover a couple of important elements that will help you Christmas-ify your packaging for the upcoming holiday season. Do keep in mind that many of these elements also apply to seasons such as Halloween and Easter. The designs and colours to choose from will generally depend on the season itself, but similar rules apply and this guide can be modified to work for any season of the year.

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1. Learning the Festive Colours

Colour can have a huge impact on the way your customer perceives your product. Colour can also have a massive psychological effect on the consumer looking at your product in-store. It’s a powerful tool that is underutilized by many new startups and smaller companies, but larger corporations are experts at using colours to evoke certain emotions and feelings.

For Christmas, you’ll want to focus on green, red, gold and white.

  • Green – Green represents the flora that is typically associated with Christmas. This can include Christmas trees, ivy and holly. It’s a bright and soothing colour that is typically used on a lot of Christmas packaging.
  • Red – Red compliments green in a lot of Christmas packaging. It’s the colour of Holly berries, it’s the colour of the clothing that Santa Claus wears and the bright hues are great at drawing in customers with its warm and inviting feel.
  • Gold – Gold is typically used for stars, decorations and sparkles that are commonly associated with Christmas. It’s a bright and triumphant colour that is commonly seen on a lot of Christmas packaging.
  • White – Lastly, we have white–the colour of snow. It’s a pure and innocent colour that adds a soft feeling to your packaging. While it’s often used to depict snow, white can also be great for lettering and borders on Christmas packaging.

By adding these four colours to your seasonal packaging, you can create a wonderfully Christmasy look to your products. While red and green are the most common, you’ll also find that gold and white are perfect choices for small details, text and borders.

2. The Minimal Rustic Trend
For a minimal and rustic touch to your products, why not consider using kraft paper with ribbons and festive tape? It offers a simple and homely touch to your products and has become more and more popular in recent years. This is something more suitable for e-commerce businesses as it gives you an opportunity to add custom messages. However, even products in stores can benefit from this minimalistic and rustic trend as long as all of the basic information about your product is still included.

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3. Small Packaging Add-Ins
If you’re an e-commerce business or use custom packaging for your products, then you may be able to benefit from small add-ins. This can include colourful tissue paper to provide an extra layer of “wrapping” that protects the product and adds to the anticipation. You could also include a small message on a festive card that wishes your customer a happy festive season. Message cards are also a great option if you allow customers to customize them in the event that their purchase is a gift for someone. Ribbons are also commonly used especially when combined with the minimal rustic trend of using kraft paper.

4. In-Store Gift Wrapping

Lastly, let’s talk about in-store gift wrapping opportunities. If you’re the owner of a store that sells products made from other brands, then you might find that not every brand bothers to Christmas-ify their packaging. To counteract this, you could offer in-store gift wrapping options. For a small price, you can help your customers wrap their purchases in Christmas wrapping paper which can add a small personal touch to the item. Since many people purchase items as gifts during the festive season, this is a great way to add extra convenience for your customers. You can also do this through online purchases by adding a small tick box option during the checkout process.

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