7 Fun and creative packaging, for Food!

Have you ever been so impressed by a fun and creative packaging design, that you wanted to keep the box, photograph it or even share it?

Well, we all know that packaging is important no matter the product, especially when it comes to food or drink. It is a way for designers to create something memorable. Now we have all seen some wacky things out there.

Today we are looking at food packaging! We have gathered a selection of our favourites ?.

1. Good Hair Day Pasta By Nikita Packaging

Nikita Konkin is an internationally well-known designer. This package has won a number of awards. The product original Italian pasta coming from a region called Umbria in the heart of Italy, using only natural ingredients, durum grains from Italian fields and pure mountain water.

If you are in Italy make sure you go and enjoy this food art.

2. “Packed like Sardines” By Brandiziac Agency 

We are sure you have heard of the expression “Packed like Sardines. Well if you haven’t, it basically means being packed very tight and close together. These clever designs from Russia by Brandiziac Agency have taken the saying, created a cool illustration to show it and incorporated into their packaging for sardines. Take a look at the detail.

3. Hexagon Honey By Maksim Arbuzov

Maksim Arbuzov has taken honeycomb inspired hexagonal glass bottles and created these exciting vibrant package design. These bottles come together with an oiled wood cap made from acacia wood, also shaped as a hexagon and a honey dipper attached to avoid the mess.

4. Pizza and Movie?

Everyone enjoys a night of pizza and a movie, but what if your pizza box was also a movie projector, and you could watch from anywhere? A clever design put together by Ogilvy Hong Kong has created a unique pizza table which serves as a projector lens. Now that is a perfect date night.

5. Piano Cake

A Japanese designer called Kazuaki Kawahara has put together these clever piano cake package. The cake is packed individually with the concept which plays with the keyboard design. This may not be the most eco-friendly option, but it doesn’t stop the design from being unique.

6. Oven Cookies

Thelma’s Cookies are produced in Iowa by Thelma herself, she was a great-grandma who enjoyed playing the piano. This 1950’s style oven cardboard box with a front panel, gives you the impression that you will receive these delicious cookies straight from the oven. Now, how convenient is that.


These vibrant, bright and bold chocolate packet designs are admirable. Each one holds the percentage of cacao which is shown on the front. But since these designs look absolutely stunning let’s just forget about the logic behind it and admire the design instead.

Hopefully, you’ve received some inspiration from these exciting and mind-blowing packaging designs. There really are no limits when it comes to designs and concepts that will uniquely promote your brand!

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