Our 6 Favourite Tea Packaging Designs

Tea Break anyone?

Go on grab yourself a cup of tea and a biscuit and have a look through our favourite tea packaging designs.


1.  Teapee Tea –  designed  by Sophie Pepin

We love Canadian design student Sophie’s design for a teepee teabag!

teepee tea packaging


2.  Pinky Up tea –  designed by Angella Watterson

We love the sound of the flavours of this tea, but we love the packaging even more!  The brand was created in Seattle in 2016 by a group of women who love their tea. We love the combination of the  bold colours with the pretty rose gold lids and lettering.

pinky tea packaging 1

pinky tea packaging 2


3.  Herbs Tea –  Packaging by Anton Danilov

We love the colourful packaging of these herbal tea bags.

herb tea packaging 1

Herb tea packaging 2


4. Tea Forte –  designed by Peter Hewitt

We love the great design of these tea bags inspired by the Japanese tea ceremony, elevating a cup of tea to make it an experience for all of your senses.

Tea forte packaging 2

tea forte packaging 1


5. Monstea –  designed by Yvonne Moser

How great is this kid friendly monster tea packaging, the intention of the design was that the packaging could be used as a flowerpot for plants after all the tea has been consumed.


Monster Tea Packaging 1

Monster Tea Packaging 2

Monster Tea Packaging 3

6. Hanger Tea –  designed by Soon Mo Kang.

We love this fun hanger style tea bag.

Hanger Tea Packaging 1

Hanger Tea Packaging 2

Hanger Tea Packaging 3


We hope you found one that was your cup of tea!


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