Our 8 Favourite Shopping Bag Designs

Shopping Bag Designs to give you inspiration

Here is a round up, of some of our favourite shopping bag designs.

1. Bird Bag by Rob Gros

Bird Bag Designs 1

2.  YKM Jump Rope shopping bag – designed by TBWA

Jump Rope Shopping Bag Designs

3.  Hanger Bag – designed by DEDE Dextrous Design

Added bonus of a detachable hanger with this bag!

Hanger Shopping Bag Designs


4. Kong Shoe Bag – designed by Rave Agency

We love how the shoe laces make the handle on these great bags.

Kong Shoe Bag Designs


5. Buddies shopping bag – designed by Yuelan Liu

We love this pet on a lead shopping bag.

Pet shopping bag designs


6. LG Laundry Machine Bag – designed by Y & R Advertising Agency

laundry bag designs


7.  Volkswagen GTI Bag  – designed by Agence V, Advertising Agency

car bag designs


8. Lego Bag  – designed by Junho Lee and Hyun Chui Choi

Turn your hands into lego hands.

lego bag designs

We feel a shopping trip coming on!


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