Our 7 Favourite Food Packaging Designs

Packaging you will Love

We love good packaging, read about our 7 favourite food packaging designs that will inspire you….hope you love them as much as we do!

1. Beehive Honey Squares – Designed by Lacy Kuhn

We love the see-through packaging of this bears mouth!

Honey Square Cereal Packaging


2. Pasta boxes  – Designed by Nikita Konkin.

How great are these pasta boxes by designer Nikita. We love the playful design concept of turning the pasta into different women’s hair styles. Bolognese anyone?

Pasta Packaging 1

Pasta Packaging 2

Pasta Packaging 3


3. Ocelot chocolate – Designed by Matt and Ish Broadbent

We love the graphics on these square shaped chocolate bars, which are designed by married couple Matt and Ish that run Ocelot from Edinburgh.

Chocolate Packaging 1

Chocolate Packaging 2

Chocolate Packaging 3


4. Madame quoi  – Designed by Cynthia Fernandez and Sofia Villarreal.

This branding for a gourmet bakery Madame quoi really caught our eye. We love the graffiti like font harmonised with the pink and white colours. The design was inspired by the story of  Parisian, Henriette Callioux and the letters she wrote to her husband in 1914. The explosion of her emotions are reflected in the design.

Madame quoi Packaging 1

Madame quoi Packaging 2

Madame quoi Packaging 3


5. Pinky’s Sausages designed by Dean Harding

Hi-five to this great design!

Sausages packaging


6. Garrett Popcorn Shops Packaging by Jennifer Mulvihill

Love this clever design, especially the rope handle to put around your wrist.

Popcorn Packaging 1

Popcorn Packaging 2


7.  Fortnum & Mason Biscuits designed by Together Design and illustrated by Kate Larsen

We love the feeling of luxury and indulgence with this great biscuit packaging, all we need now is a nice cup of tea!

 Biscuit Packaging 1


We hope you enjoyed our round up,  which one was your favourite?  We would love to hear your comments below.



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