A sneak peek at our Gingerbread Christmas range for 2023

A behind-the-scenes interview with Jyoti, our Marketing Manager, and Tati, our Senior Designer.

Carrier Bag Shop is excited to announce we have a new design and Christmas product range, Gingerbread, launching soon!

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We caught up with the masterminds who created the design to showcase how it came to life.

What’s the back story behind the gingerbread design, and how did the idea come up?

Jyoti: Funnily enough, I was inspired by our brown kraft paper bags. It was in the middle of the night; I was falling asleep and the idea of using the brown kraft paper as the base of the gingerbread colour just made perfect sense.

The inspiration kept me up that night for a little while, I started researching the style of what I had been imagining and as soon as I saw something that was vaguely like my idea, I saved it.

I put these ideas together and sent them to Tati, who started developing the gingerbread idea.

Tati, so what happened next?

Tati: Jyoti and I are used to working together (and we think alike) so it wasn’t difficult to understand the direction that she gave me. What I also liked about creating this design was that there wasn’t much back and forth. It was quite straightforward as she knew what she wanted.

Jyoti: Tati created three slightly varying patterns in the end. We liked something from each design, so we took different elements from each, combined them, and created one design which we were happy with.

We shared our design with a few people in the office to get some feedback.

Can you tell me more about the actual design?

Jyoti: The design features a repeating pattern, inspired by the successful Smiling Santa Christmas range. The idea is for the pattern to wrap around the entire bag to really make it stand out. We’ve not done anything like that in a long time. I think since the Silver Snowflake range.

What are some of the features that you’re going to see in this design?

Jyoti: A Gingerbread person and it’s a repeating pattern. That’s all I’m going to say without giving too much away. You will all have to wait and see the full design 😉

On the Gingerbread product range, what are you most excited about?

Jyoti: For me, it’s the kraft roll! There’s something magical about that repeating pattern unveiling itself as you open it – like a special unboxing moment.

That’s lovely. We can’t wait to see the final products! When did you think about the actual design?

Jyoti: The idea came to me a year and a half ago. So, when the time came to create the design, I knew what was needed for Tati to get started.

During this whole process, what are some of the challenges that you faced in terms of the design and working on the actual products?

Jyoti: The proofing phase is always a bit challenging. This time we wanted the pattern to be the same size on each bag. I took 1 element from the pattern at a specific scale and used this to determine what the size of the pattern would be on each bag. A very tedious but important task. We initially created 3 different-sized patterns on one proof and asked everyone at HQ which one they liked the most. The one that has been produced was the winning vote.

Behind every amazing product is a dedicated team. Who was involved with this actual process from concept to product?

Jyoti: So, it was me, Tati, and Roberta the Assistant Planner from the purchasing department who worked hard to create the pattern and organise the printing and purchasing side of the products. But as mentioned, the entire company who gave us feedback on what scale they preferred on the bags and the support they gave us. Not forgetting the Operations and Warehouse team who have organised the space where we will be stocking the new range of products, plus all the Christmas stock.

The most important question… When do we get to see this amazing Gingerbread Christmas range?

Jyoti: We are aiming to launch at the beginning of October!

Get ready, the Gingerbread Christmas range is now available. Shop now.

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