Why do Cats LOVE Plastic Carrier Bags?

Being a packaging company, we love bags! But the question is what makes these clever little felines love plastic carrier bags too?

Cats are often seeing licking or playing with plastic carrier bags, we’ve tried to make sense of this behaviour below!

 Our top 5 reasons why cats love grocery bags:

  1. If the bag has come from a grocery or food store than it may carry the scent of food. A cats sense of smell is even strong so it may just be after the lingering scent of food.

2. They enjoy the crinkly noise that plastic carrier bags make, they just want to have fun!

3. They are curious creatures so they may just like to go and have a nosey at any bags you have left out.

4. Some bags are coated in substances such as cornstarch, some cats seem to find the smell attractive.

5. The smooth texture of the bag feels nice on a cat’s tongue which is why they are often caught licking them!

Ok that’s it folks, the cats out of the bag (how could we resist the pun!)

*Disclaimer,  no cats were harmed by Carrier Bag Shop in the production of this blog post and always keep your plastic carrier bags out of reach from your animals.

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