8 Tote Bags for Gym Bunnies

Totes Amazing Gym Bags

Did you know that there are now over 9.7 million fitness members in the UK? Results show that 1 in every 7 people in the UK is a member of a gym (2017 State of the UK Fitness Industry Report)

With the continued growth in the UK fitness industry we decided to round up our favourite totes that would make a perfect accompaniment to the gym!


1. Extra Fries Tote by Ellie Ellie

'Exercise? Extra Fries' Gym Tote Bag


2. Weights before Dates by Chantilly Fit

Weights Before Dates - Gym Bag - Funny Gym Tote Bag - Weightlifting Bag - Workout Bag - Lifting - Gym Wear - Ladies Gym Bag - Fitness Gift


3. Gym Bunny Tote Bag by Lola and Gilbert

'Gym Bunny' Large Tote

4. I am off to the gym  by Hey Holla

OFF TO THE GYM Bag, Neon Coral - Hey! Holla


5. Diddly Squats Tote by Rosie Jo’s


6. Oh you do Run  by Hey Holla

YOU DO RUN RUN Bag, Varsity Black - Hey! Holla

7.  Gin Bunny  by Of Life and Lemons


8. Gym or Gin by The Little Picture Company

Happy Training!

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