Let’s Have a Laugh Together for Tell a Joke Day

Sunday 16th August is National Tell a Joke Day, and we’ve put our very own Carrier Bag Shop spin on it to come up with Bag Joke Day!

Here are some bag related jokes that we’ve come across:

  • I turned up at the airport with eighteen plastic carrier bags. I really don’t suit cases.
  • I went to my local supermarket and they offered me a “bag for life” – I said “No thanks, I’m already married.”
  • Is there anyone on here called Justin Case? My wife’s got two kitchen drawers and a cupboard full of plastic carrier bags for you…

Do you have any bag related jokes that we missed out on?

Send them to us via Twitter @CarrierBagShop and make sure you use the hashtag #BagJokeDay.

We’ll give 100 Loyalty Points to everyone who sends us a joke!

Let’s have a laugh together!

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