Bags of Inspiration, Handmade for You

We’re bringing you fresh ideas on how to make your packaging unique to your brand without spending a fortune!

Packaging is essential to any retail business, and finding ways to make it unique to your brand can be quite a challenge.

Cost, time and practicality are just some of the factors that can make personalising your packaging a tough task.

But when it’s an initial point of interaction with your customers, it really counts.

Whether you’re an online based retailer or a high-street business, packaging can be an essential way to promote your brand.

The way that you present your goods speaks volumes not only about your products, but also your business as a whole.

Packaging can tell your customers about the quality of your brand and also about your standards and beliefs as a business.

For example, brown paper packaging might tell customers that your products are organic, and cotton bags might show them that your business is eco-friendly.

Brown Paper Bags
Spruce up plain paper bags with simple touches like this! (Image via Pinterest)

The first step is to decide what you want to portray, and a great way to get your own ideals across is to hand-make your packaging!

Handmade packaging is all the rage these days, as customers love receiving goods packaged with features personal to them.

Take Starbucks, for example, who began writing customers’ names on their drinks in 2012.

Even more than personal touches, customers love the feeling of getting something exclusive, and distinctive packaging does not always have to be expensive.

Meet DIY packaging, which makes it possible to provide both handmade and one-of-a-kind packaging without spending a fortune!

We’ll be running a DIY Packaging blog series featuring fresh and innovative ways to create packaging that is unique to your brand.

We have bags of inspiration for you on ways to give your packaging a special touch.

We’ll show you how to revamp plain packaging and guide you on how to use simple things to make your brand memorable!

Stay tuned for the first blog of the series in which we’ll show you the different ways that you can use a Sharpie to personalise your packaging! 

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(Featured image via Pinterest)

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