Restaurant Tote Bags

In a recent article by the Standard it was highlighted how the restaurant industry is now offering merchandise as well as food and drinks. We think its a great way to market your restaurant, as these bags are reusable and therefore carried around…


Why do UK supermarkets use paper bags instead of plastic?

Are paper bags better than plastic bags?

In this weeks blog, we take a look into the reasons why supermarkets are favouring plastic over paper.

Here are some of the reasons we believe that are factored into the decision:


Paper bags don’t last as long as the 5p plastic bags, making them…


Brexit – Deal or No Deal…

Deal or No Deal? How Brexit may affect your packaging in the future.

At the risk of sounding repetitive, the team at Rocaba Packaging & Carrier Bag Shop, just like the government, have no idea what’s about to happen on 29th March…

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Escape to the Cotswolds

Customer Catch up in the Cotswolds

On a recent holiday to the Cotswolds amongst the camping, ramble to Broadway Tower and cream teas we decided to pop in on a few of our customers.  The Cotswolds covers a huge area which is almost 800 square miles and runs through 5…