Celebrity Tailor Gresham Blake on Fashion Retail Packaging

In a world of overnight celebrities, it takes something special to build a client base out of A-listers such as FatBoy Slim and Ray Winstone. This has never been a problem for Gresham Blake, whose London and Brighton stores are seriously stylish places.  The list of celebs “dressed by Gresh” is impressive and this fine tailor is all about high class, with a rock star twist.

Gresham took time out of his busy schedule to answer some of Creative Packaging’s most pressing questions.

Rocaba Blog (RB):  Gresham how did you get started in the fashion industry?

Gresham Blake (GB):  Well my Mum taught me to sew as a kid, then I went on to study fashion and finally I did an apprenticeship as a tailor.

RB:  With your love of all things design, how did you decide what your packaging would look like?

GB:  I like packaging to reflect the brand so it had to have a certain quality to it. We want people to recognise our brand by the design and colour. Not simply because Gresham Blake is printed on our packaging.

RB:  What kind of details are the ones that set a shop apart from others in terms of packaging?

GB:  It’s things like having a rope handle bag, rather than a paper handle bag. Instead of just having a bag printed, we would have it embossed. When a customer is walking around with your shop front in their hand, you’ve got to take care in getting it right.

RB:  So you want customers to enjoy the packaging as well as the garment?

GB:  As a designer and a business owner, I want people to take my bag home, appreciate it, and use it for something else. The bag they take home goes into their personal space and they want something that looks good so I feel it’s important to make your packaging beautiful.

RB:  With new innovations in print and packaging, can smaller retailers make their packaging beautiful on a budget?

GB:  I think smaller luxury brands are benefiting from all the innovation in the packaging and print industry, allowing them to design better packaging. With an old fashioned printer you might have needed to print 20,000 bags as a minimum run. Now you can print in much smaller quantities so it’s much more affordable for independent retailers these days.

Gresham Blake is brazen and bold. This celebrity tailor demands the finest whether it be garments or packaging. With his eye for detail, he ensures his shop front is always picture perfect.

For more information visit www.greshamblake.com


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