The Battle Continues: Polka Dots vs Candy Stripes

Have you voted in our Polka Dots vs Candy Stripes competition?

So last week we launched our Polka Dots vs Candy Stripes competition to find out which pattern is the most popular among you.

Team Polka Dot were in the lead with 54.42% of the votes, but now the Candy Stripes have taken over with a whopping 76.01%.

The competition ends next Monday 25 May, so be sure to cast your vote to give your team a chance of winning!

Simply click one of the buttons below to vote!


May the best glove win!

Candy Stripe        Polka Dot


The winner will be announced on our social media sites on Tuesday 26 May 2015!

Look out for the results on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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